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    Helpful Tools

    Pin Point Tweezers

    An ergonomically designed pair of tweezers. Soft to the touch, but boy does it have nice points. Great for holding fabric for perfect control of the final few stitches . Wonderful for threading the serger. Gets right up close for those tedious and meticulous jobs.

    NG-082.... $12.98

    Sew-Mate Universal Tool

    Pushes, pulls, holds, rips, tugs, lifts, guides and protects your fingers from the needle and iron. If that's not enough, it'll open boxes and letters too! Finally a Sew-Mate that works just for you.

    NG-083..... $14.98

    Piping Hot Binding Tool

    Fine piping adds the finishing touch to quilts, wall hangings, smocked dresses, pillows, collars, jacket edges & more!

    Paying attention to the finishing touches will set your sewing apart.

    This kit includes:

    • The Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool to trim the seam allowance to an even width in order to be able to produce accurate piping
    • 11 pages of detailed instructions including diagrams for each step
    • Suggestions for which sewing machine feet to use to insert your piping
    • Tailored instructions for your sewing machine
    • 7 Variations including curved edges with only piping showing
    • 6 yards of 1mm piping

    This Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool enables you to trim piping seam allowances to 1/4" or 1/2". The cording rides up into a groove and the seam allowance is cut next to the edge of the tool. As the seam allowance is now even, this will increase the accuracy of inserting the piping into your project as you can a-line the edges perfectly.  This makes inserting the piping so much easier and it is quick to do. The tool may be turned for left-handed users


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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool Grande

    Use with a rotary cutter and mat to trim a BIG piping's seam allowance for handbags, pillows and home dec.  This is the same as the original ruler above except it has wider, deeper grooves.  It accommodates cording up to 3/16" in diameter.  Trims seam allowance to 1/4' or 1/2".  Designed for right or left-handed use.  Complete instructions for making perfect piping and using the tool are included.

    NG-194.......out of stock

    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Seam Rippers

    Surgical Seam Ripper

    The best little seam ripper on the market. Great for opening serged seams and tightly sewn seams.

    NG-190 ... $6.98

    Brass Seam Ripper

    This wonderful, fine tip seam ripper feels well balanced in the hand.

    The tip is so very fine for all you heirloom threads and laces when things
    don't quite stitch the way you like and you did to do some 'unstitching".


    larger view

    White Seam Ripper by Clover

    With its large handle, this seam ripper is easier to handle than any other!


    For larger image

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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.


    Straight Awl

    This awl is perfect for piercing holes of uniform size or ideal for precise manipulation of fabric during machine stitching. 5 1/4"

    NG-224.......out of stock

    Tapered Awl

    The shaft of this awl is tapers to the point.
    4 1/2"

    NG-225.......out of stock

    White Straight Tailors's Awl

    The large handle of this awl makes it easier to handle for all sewing tasks. Slightly more expensive but easy to hold.

    NG-226.......out of stock

    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Other Helpful Tools

    Bamboo Point Turner

    Forms crisp corners and seams.
    The pointed end is used to poke the corner right side out when turning corners and its rounded, beveled end smooths out curves and seams. The tool's soft, bamboo wood minimally stresses the fabric and stitching, yet gently helps for a nice, crisp corner, curve or seam.

    NG-196.......out of stock

    Crystal Point Turner

    Made from very durable cast acrylic, not plastic. Use to turn corners on collars, pockets, pillow cases and other sewing corners. Use to turn points and curved seams in stuffed animals and dolls. Less likely to poke through fabrics of all types as compared to knitting needles, scissors or chop sticks. Fits nicely in your hand. Will not roll away from your work area. Can be used as a stylus on sewing machine touch screens. Use as a stiletto to steady fabric or move fabric through the sewing machine while sewing, thus keeping your fingers away from moving parts of the sewing machine. Silver Cord hangs nicely and is readily available for use. Clear crystal design for an attractive sewing tool.


    Perfect Pleater

    An easy way to make pleats in any fabric. Simply tuck fabric or lace wrong side up in the easy pleater and either press or fuse stabilizer to the back to keep it in place. Stripes look wonderful when tucked on the bias. Makes perfect twisted tucks.

    NG-084 ... $49.98


    Make your own fabulous decorative twisted cord and ropes! it’s easy with the Spinster! Simply loops lengths of decorative threads, yarns or cords over the hook on the front of the spinster, and twist. When the cord begins to kink, grasp it in the middle and release it from the hook. Like magic, the cord is twisted. Tie a knot to keep it permanently twisted.

    NG-085....out of stock

    That Purple Thang
    It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs.  It makes its own uses! 
    Every quilter/crafter/seamstress needs one.


    Buttonhole Cutter by Clover

    The sharpened chisel edge will cut any width opening
    when placed over a block of wood and pounded gently


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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Magnetic Helpers

    The Pin Place

    Magnetic spot for your sewing machine. 
    Attaches with suction cup
    • No more stooping your sewing machine to pull out pins
    • No more reaching across yourself for a pincushion.
    • No more broken needles from sewing over pins.
    • Not for computerized sewing machines with magnetic storage
      devices such as diskettes.

    NG-094.........out of stock

    Scissors Spot

    • The magnetic holder that hands you the scissors.

    • Attaches to your sewing machine with a suction cup.

    • Grab your scissors easily. Secure them in places instantly.

    • Not for computerized sewing machines with  magnetic storage devices
      such as diskettes.

    NG-095.........out of stock

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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.