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    Scissors, Cutters and Rotary Cutters


    These Titanium Scissors are wonderful sharp scissors at a great price!

    Titanium Ultra Smooth

    • 3 Times harder than stainless steel
    • Ultra smooth cut
    • Stays sharper longer
    • Cushion RIb Grip Handles
    • Cuts 6 layers of mi-weight denim
    • Lifetime warranty.$15.98$15.98$15.98


    7" Titanium Scissors

    • 3 Times harder than stainless steel
    • Stays sharper longer
    • Rib Grip
    • Multi Purpose
    • Lifetime warranty.$11.98$11.98$11.98

    5" Titanium Scissors

    • 3 Times harder than stainless steel
    • Stays Sharper longer
    • Double-Sided Detail Tip
    • Rib Grip Handles
    • Lifetime warranty$9.98$9.98$9.98

    2 1/2" Fine Cut Scissors

    • 3 Times harder than stainless steel
    • Stays Sharper longer
    • Multi Purpose
    • Soft Grip Handles
    • Large holes for your fingers
    • Lifetime warranty$5.98$5.98$5.98

    Larger Image


    These are my best selling scissors.  Customers response at shows when they try these little scissors is one of surprise that they are so sharp.  They have large soft holes for you thumb and finger plus they cut to the point.  They stay closed when you put them down or in your sewing tote.  I have sold hundreds of these little scissors.  They will even cut the sadi which is wire that is used for goldwork embroidery. And furthermore, the price is right!

    A must have addition to your sewing basket!

    5" Titanium Thread Snips

    • 3 Times harder than stainless steel.
    • Stays sharper longer.
    • Smoother Cutting
    • Lifetime warranty$9.98$9.98$9.98

    Larger image

    4" Pocket Scissors by Mundial

    When you're serious about your sewing and crafting, you should be serious about your cutting too.  These Mundial scissors begin with fine carbon steel, which is hot forged, tempered, plated, ground, honed, polished, adjusted, tested and inspected by cutler artisans to meet exacting quality standards.  The result is scissors of uncompromising quality that will bring you years of cutting pleasure.

    Perfect for cutting fabric from behind lace insertion or any place a pointed scissor is not desirable.

    • Fully forged
    • Double safety points
    • long lasting edge
    • lifetime guaranteed


    Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.


    Clover Thread Cutter Pendant
    This well-made thread cutter pendant is convenient to wear! Its many channels with built-in cutters cut threads, flosses and yarns quickly and easily. But you can also stand it in a thread spool, too to keep a cutter close at hand while sewing by hand. Antique brass colour.


    larger image

    See how to
    use it.

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    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Ergonomically Designed Rotary Cutters

    WOW! This ergonomically designed rotary cutter is amazing!
    I have been using mine at the store for about 7 years now with great success!
    I know that you will love yours too.
    If you have problems with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hand fatigue, neck or arm pain then the Ergo 2000 Rotary Cutter is for you. The Ergo 2000 has been designed to be held in a natural position when cutting. The whole arm and hand evenly distributes all the pressure without stress on any joint. Comfort contoured grip, precision engineered with a spring-loaded guard, this cutter is available in 45 mm and 60 mm sizes in right and left handed models. Easy to use standing up or sitting down.
    45 mm Ergo 2000 is designed with control and maneuverability being its greatest features. Whether cutting at the edge of a ruler or cutting circles or scallops, this rotary cutter can meet the challenge. We recommend using our replacement blades but other brands can be used.
    60mm Ergo 2000 will cut through layers of fabric with a roll of the cutter. This is a serious cutter. Gets the job done quickly and accurately. Fabric, fiberboard, batting, wallpaper, mats, upholstery material, drapery fabric - imagination is the limit.

    NG-285.....Ergo 2000 45 mm right hand model.....$34.98  
    NG-286.....Ergo 2000 45 mm left hand model........$34.98   

    NG-287.....Ergo 2000 60 mm right hand model.....$39.98   
    NG-288.....Ergo 2000 60 mm left hand model........$39.98  

    Replacement Blades

    NG-289....45mm.....1 blade.......$7.98
    NG-290....45mm.....2 blades....$13.98
    NG-291....45mm.....5 blades....$31.98

    NG-293....60mm.....1 blade.......$10.98
    NG-294....60mm......2 blades...out of stock

    Link to Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

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