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    PUL Fabric by Eco-PUL™

    Making your own diapers and diaper covers can be fun and economical.
    Finding the right product can be difficult.

    Below are quality products that will help you make a wonderful diaper,
    diaper cover or other item that will work well for you.

    PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate.
    This fabric starts with lightweight polyester interlock which is then paired with TPU--Thermoplastic polyurethane--a thin stretchy plastic film. 

    These are bonded together using heat, pressure and adhesive to create a single fabric.

    This fabric is made using a "green" adhesive meaning that it is solvent free, environmentally friendly
    and releases no volatile organics

    Black and White Chevron
    Distance from point to point is approx. 1 1/8"


    Introductory Special........$19.98/yard
    Minimum cut 1 yard

    More information below.  Please read on.


    • Wash in warm or hot water in commercial or home laundry.
    • dry on low heat --high heat can cause PUL to wear prematurely, warp or melt
    • do not dry clean
    • no bleach, vinegar or oxy-type products
    • use regular or HE laundry detergent only
    • can with stand plenty of use and repeated hot washings necessary for cloth diapers, etc.

      Benefits of
    • This Eco-PUL™ forms a waterproof barrier
    • It is breathable--which means that the fabric releases, heat and water vapor
      which keeps the wearer comfortable.
    • Soft hand
    • Quiet, not crackly
    • stretchy so gives a closer fit
    • Resists abrasion
    • is UV stable (not affected by sunlight)
    • Fire ret ardent
    • Anti-microbial.


    Use anywhere you need a waterproof, fluid proof, breathable moisture barrier.

    • Baby diapers
    • adult diapers
    • animal diapers
    • waterproof mattress pads
    • diaper pail liners
    • menstrual pads
    • food storage bags -- EcoPUL is food safe
      and the list goes on.......
    How to Sew PUL
    • no need to pre-wash, it will not shrink

    • cut edges can be left unfinished as it will not unravel or fray

    • please, no pins as these create holes--try Wonder Clips (see below)
      -hair clips or binder clips may also work

    • for sewing machine needle use a universal or ball point needle--not a sharp needle as these make
      sharp holes in the fabric--you want a rounded tip needle--
      uses a small diameter needle--70/11, 75/11 or 80/12

    • use 100% polyester thread to prevent wicking

    • sew with laminate side down whenever possible as it may stick to your presser foot--if you must sew with the laminate side up, use a teflon foot or walking foot--sometimes a thin piece of paper may work

    To Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Absorbent Fabric

    Hemp Fleece Fabric

    55% Hemp 45% Certified Organic Cotton

    Hemp Fleece fabric is slightly stretchy and extremely absorbent.

    This knit fabric is a light creamy natural colour.

    Excellent for diapers and soakers.

    56" wide -- comes as a 28" wide tube of fabric with both sides connected,  Cut open along one side if you need a flat width.

    Machine wash warm water and tumble dry.

    Can be used fleecy side out although it will produce more dryer lint.  Inserts and boosters are typically sewn smooth sides out.

    Be sure to pre-wash as it will shrink--one yard will shrink to approx. 32" or adjust your pattern--e.g. for a soaker multiply the pattern length by 1.12 to sew
    without prewashing the fabric.

    There may be some flaws in the fabric as this is the way that it comes.


    Special $19.98/yard


    To Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Stay Dry Fabric

    White Alova Suedecloth Fabric

    100% Polyester

    58/60" wide

    -an ideal wicking fabric for cloth diapers

    -easy to sew
    -front side is very soft with a short fuzzy nap, back is smooth
    -a woven fabric so it does not stretch
    -has a soft, supple hand

    -used for the inside layer of cloth diapers, especially pocket diapers
    when a stay-dry feeling is desired

    -this fabric pulls moisture away from the skin and into the absorb ant layers

    can be used for the entire inside layer or just to top a soaker

    -solid waste (poop) just shakes or sprays right off

    -can also be used for clothing and crafts.

    -machine wash warm, tumble dry

    -does not shrink--no need to pre-wash

    -use a regular or universal needle

    -sew diapers with polyester thread to prevent wicking

    Special $11.98/yard

    Foldover Elastic

    Plush foldover elastic (FOE) is 1" wide matte, plush, soft elastic for
    binding diapers, diaper covers, clothing, etc.

    FOLDOVER........$0.98/yard --minimum cut 5 yards

    Wonder Clips

    Wonder Clips

    Wonder Clips are great alternatives to pins, especially when working with fabric where pin holes are not desirable such as when sewing with PUL.



    Use these snaps that are easy to apply and 'stay on' when making your diapers
    (as well as for many other projects)

    These snaps have long prongs that hold very well. 
    You should use an extra piece of fabric
    in the area where you are applying the snaps for additional reinforcement. 
    Using size 20 is recommended.

    To Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

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