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    Stabilizers, Interfacings, Fusibles and Related NotionsTemporary Stabilizers

    Tear Easy Stabilizer
    Place a piece of tear away stabilizer under your machine embroidery, buttonholes, appliqué designs or anything else you want to secure into position. Eliminates shifting, sliding and puckering of material. After your work is done just tear it away. Great for appliqué, monogramming, decorative stitching, buttonholes, any kind of machine work. 20" wide.
    FMS-003 ... $3.99/yd

    Stitch-And-Ditch Heirloom
    The most economical paper stabilizer you can buy. A lightweight paper just the right size for light embroideries, appliqué�s and heirloom work. It even comes in a 3" width just right for heirloom, so you won’t have to cut up strips. Just position the paper under your work and stitch. Later, it tears away easily and any bits will wash out in the laundry. Truly effortless stabilizing.
    FMS-004 Roll 70 yards x 8 " wide ... $13.98 ea.
    FMS-005 Roll 70 yards x 3" wide ... $10.98 ea.

    Iron-on Tear Away Stabilizer
    Iron on tear away stabilizer eliminates the need to pin the stabilizer into place. For small designs and applications, you only need pieces a little larger than your work. 20" wide.
    FMS-002 ... $3.98/yd

    Solvy Water-Soluble Stabilizer
    Secure one or two layers of Solvy under cutwork, appliqué, delicate embroidery, 3-D work, lace work, shadow embroidery or fagotting. It dissolves completely in cold water after the project is completed. Use where tear-away stabilizers would distort delicate stitches.
    Can only be used on water-washable fabrics.
    FMS-014 ... $4.25 for package 36" x19.5" wide 

    Super Solvy
    Solvy’s a great product, but sometimes you need a little thicker application. That’s where Super Solvy comes in. This specially formulated stabilizer will hold up under the most rugged work, yet dissolves completely with water. Use a layer of Super Solvy over towels when embroidering to keep the foot and needle from catching in the loops of the fabric.
    FMS-006 ... $6.99/yd

    Perfect Sew Liquid Stabilizer
    Perfect Sew is a brush-on stabilizer that really stiffens your work, much more than starching could ever do. Stabilizes and holds delicate fabrics for smooth sewing and embellishment, then rinses clean, in water, without a trace. If you need a really secure, firm surface on which to work, then this is the product. Water-washable fabrics only.
    8 ounce bottle
    NG-086 ....$14.98 

     Link to Secure Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Permanent Stabilizers

    Cut-A-Way Soft‘n Sheer
    This versatile fabric is useful for backing under thread painting, free-motion embroidery, as well as heavy fill-in machine embroideries. The fabric is strong, provides excellent stability, yet is soft and non-irritating next to the skin, as it is intended to be left in place permanently. It has excellent stretch resistance so it’s great for knits and other unstable fabrics. 23" wide.
    MS-012 ... $3.99/yd   Sold out.

     Link to Secure Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Reference Chart for Stabilizers
    Type of Work Weight of Fabric Suggested Product
    Outline Embroidery Batiste, Cotton, Silks Solvy, Stitch & Ditch
    Heavier Fabrics Tear Easy, Iron-on Tear Away
    Applique Batistes, Cottons, Silks Iron-on Tear Away, Tear Easy
    Heavier Fabrics Tear Easy, Iron-on Tear Away
    Knits Iron-on Tear Away
    Cutwork Any Fabric or Knits Iron-on Tear Away, Solvy
    Wing Needlework Batiste, Cottons, Silks Spray Stabilizer, Perfect Sew, Household Starch
    Heavier Fabrics Tear Easy
    Knits Iron-on Tear Away
    Battenburg Lace Work on Stabilizer Heat Away
    Free Motion Work on Stabilizer Iron-on Tear Away, Tear Easy
    Needle Lace Any Washable fabric Solvy, Super Solvy
    Computerized fill In Embroidery Any Lightweight fabric Iron-on Tear Away on fabric in the hoop, and Tear Easy under the Hoop
    Lightweight Knits Cut Away Soft and Sheer Iron-on Tear Away
    Heavyweight Knits Cut Away Plus, Iron-on Tear Away
    Toweling Tear Easy under and Super Solvy or Solvy on top
    Paper Piecing Any Quilter Fabric Stitch & Ditch
    Various Techniques Velvet, napped fabrics Sticky
    Lace Shaping Any Heirloom Laces Spray Stabilizer, Household Starch
    Fagotting or any type of Bridgework Light to Medium fabrics Spray Stabilizer, Solvy, Stitch & Ditch
    Twin Needlework Lightweight Fabrics Spray Stabilizers, Household Starch
    Maderia Applique Any Lightweight Fabrics Super Solvy

    Fusible Interfacings

    Fusible Interfacing #906F by Pellon
    For sheer to lightweight fabrics, machine wash and dry low or dry clean.  100% polyester. 20" wide.
    FMS-017 white.......$ 3.98/yd.

     Link to Secure Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

    Sew-In Interfacings

    Venice Tricot for Knits
    Sometimes your knits need a little body, but you don’t want to use a fusible. Venice is the answer. 48" wide, it offers the perfect amount of stability for your knits and your wovens, and it’s non-fusible, so it won’t cause problems with the drapability. By Stretch & Sew.
    FMS-031 Black only ... $6.99/yd


    Steam-A Seam

    With Steam-a-Seam, nothing is permanent until the final pressing.
    If it does not work out the way you would like, just peel off the fabric piece with the steam-a-seam on it and put it on another fabric.
    It has a tacky surface which keeps the pieces in place until the final pressing.

    There are 2 types:  'Sticky back' vs 'Double stick' but when it is finished the bond is the same.

    The original Steam-A-Seam has the pressure sensitive or the sticky on one side which allows for a temporary hold to the applique material.
    It will move easily on the material so you can change the position easily until you are satisfied.  Once you are happy, just fuse in place with an iron
    for a permanent bond.
    FMS-034.......12" wide.......$5.98/yd.

    Lite Seam-A-Seam
    Lite Steam-A-Seam has the pressure sensitive adhesive on one side which allows for a temporary hold to the applique material.  It shifts easily on the second material allowing you to quickly reposition your applique pieces until pressed with an iron for a permanent bond.  Once fused, it can be machine washed and dried or dry-cleaned.  The manufacturer does not recommend drying with a dryer sheet.  The bond is strong and permanent.  It will not gum up your needle.  The Lite Steam-A-Seam is 1/2 the weight of the regular version and is ideal for lightweight fabrics plus delicate ribbons, trims and lace.
    FMS-035.......12" wide.....$6.75/yd.

    Lite Steam a Seam 2 Back in stock
    Double stick fusible for a temporary hold to both fabrics. Applique pieces stay in place and are still repositionable until fused.

     Link to Secure Order Page
    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.