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    Figure Flattering Quiltwear

    A good fit is essential to making a figure flattering garment. 
    So Joan has developed different patterns for different body types.

    Choose your size by your bust measurement at the fullest part.

    Then choose your style based on the information below.

    Please note that some patterns are not available in all types.

    All the pattern shown in blue below are NEW patterns.

    New-Slender/Petite: for the very slender or petite figure.  It has no darts and is tapered at the waist on the sides and center back.  Upper arms are slim.  Fits bust sizes 32"-44"

    Regular/Average Fit:  has a looser fit than the slim fit with an average upper arm and a curved center back seam.  The side and the back seams taper at the waist for an attractive look.  Fits bust sizes 34"-46" with cups A, B or C

    Full Fit/Large Bust is a darted pattern specifically for those larger breasted women.  Designed for D cup or larger.  Side and center back seams are tapered in at the waist.  Upper arms are average to roomy in width.  Fits bust sizes 34"-50" A curvy attractive fit for most large breasted ladies.

    New Plus Size 1X-4X This darted pattern is for the fuller figured woman.  Designed with a full upper arm area with only a slight taper at the waist line.  Fits bust sizes 45"-57".

    Click here for the back view

    Click here for the back view

    Click here for the back view

    Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket Pattern

    One of the simpler jackets to make, this fun scrapy look is made on a sweatshirt fabric foundation base and embellished with eyelash yarn. 

    A close fitting princess style pattern is included.  Sized for bust 32-44.

    Difficulty level -
    Beginner -Intermediate

    PF-07...Regular Fit....$18.98

    Now also available in
    PF-27 .....Slender......$18.98

    Sale:  $15.98 each

    Midnight Glacier Jacket Pattern

    Jacket uses 7 different fabrics in a classic slanted bargello style.  Attractive on all body types.  A close fitting princess style pattern is included with this design.  Sized for bust sizes 32-44.

    Difficulty level - Intermediate

    PF-15 .....Slender......$18.98

    Now also available in
    PF-16.......Full Fit with dart......$18.98

    Sale:  $15.98 each

    Purple Garden Jacket Pattern

    Jacket uses 7 different fabrics in a classic slanted bargello style.  Simplest jacket here, it is designed to fit bust sizes 32-48. Attractive on all body types.

    Difficulty level -
    Beginner -Intermediate

    PF-03...Regular Fit ..$18.98

    Now also available in
    PF-18 .....Slender......$18.98

    Sale:  $15.98 each

    Click here for the back view

    Black and White
    All Over Jacket Pattern

    This eye-catching jacket is designed with the simpler straight bargello method in an asymmetric style. Attractive on all body types, it is particularly slimming to those with ample hips.  12 different fabrics are used in values from light to dark.  Also included is a regular fit jacket.  Fits bust sizes 34-48.

    Difficulty level - Intermediate

    PF-05..Regular Fit...$18.98

    Now also available in
    PF-21 ....Slender/Petite....$18.98

    Sale:  $15.98 each


    Click Here For the Secure Order Page

    Order Minimum is $10.00 before shipping and any applicable taxes.

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