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    Tiger Tape

    Tiger Tape is your guide for evenly spaced stitches.

    The best part about Tiger Tape is that you can use it many times--keep using it until it won't stick securely any more.
    If you need to leave your work, just stick the Tiger Tape to some fabric and leave it there until you return.  It will
    peel off easily and be ready to use for your next row of stitching.

    There are several types of Tiger Tape.  Check below for the one best for your project.
    This low tack tape won't leave a residue on your fabric.

    9 Lines per inch
    Tiger Tape

    This 1/4" wide tape is a great guide for straight line quilting.  Just follow the lines to make perfect stitches every time.  You can also use the width as a spacer of 1/4' between rows.

    30 yards of reusable tape.


    Big Stitch Style

    This works well with pearl cotton 8 thread and a size 5 needle.  The tape is 1/4" wide and has 30 yards on a roll.  It is reusable.


    Long Arm 3/4" Tape

    This Tiger Tape is marked at 1/4" increments used by the big quilting machines for crosshatching.
    30 yards in a roll.



    Half-Square Triangle
    Tiger Tape

    Make perfect half square triangles every time by placing this reusable tape diagonally from corner to corner on your squares instead of drawing lines.  Accurate, fast and easy to do.  This speeds up your sewing and is more accurate too. 

    30 yards of resuable tape.



    Buttonhole Tiger Tape

    Marked at 4 stiches per inch, this tape is great to stitch the perfect
    Buttonhole stitch. 

    Also use this tape to teach children how to quilt, sew and for topstitching too.

    30 yards of reusable tape.


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    Please remember there is a total minimum order of $10.00 before shipping and any taxes.